Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Announcing PaFF 7

The 7th PaFF FunLeague competition day will be held on Saturday, the 24th of November.

It will be held at Stevenson College's Sighthill campus on Edinburgh, just at the end of the M8 motorway.

We open the check-in desk at 11:30, and please arrive by 11:40am at the latest.  This allows the fencing to start promptly at noon, and helps make sure everyone gets to go home sweaty, exhausted and happy at 4pm.

All the children get a full four hours of fencing, and we use the first period to evaluate how well each one is doing individually.

In the final round, we stream the children into a League division with 5 other fencers, all of very similar ability.  This is when they begin to fight for the Division's trophy, and silver and bronze medals.  The other three fencers in each League Division receive our handsome certificate, detailing how many victories and hits they achieved over the day.

The largest trophy, the Bracewell Trophy for Form and Technique, is also handed out to a fencer selected by the panel of referees, as are silver and bronze medals for technique.  We hope to encourage them to develop a solid platform of technique, even in the heat of combat.

The panel of referees also awards a Gold medal for Sportsmanship, to help keep alive fencing's traditions of respect for your opponent, and courtesy to them. We hope to encourage the children to win well, and lose gracefully.

If they are experienced, we hope they will fence well enough to be with other experienced fencers, and if they are just beginning, and they make it into a group with experienced fencers, we are delighted for them.

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