Tuesday, 6 March 2018

New PaFF 22 on the 12th of May

Due to the spell of heavy snow we faced in Edinburgh during the first week of March, the 22nd PaFF funLeague day scheduled for the 3rd of March was cancelled. The sports hall was closed, there was too much snow to get to the hall anyway, and the fencing kits we would have needed were locked in at closed primary schools and community halls.
We felt sorry for all those fencers who had been looking forward to a lot of fencing, but a day out sledging surely was as much fun, wasn't it?

The new 22nd PaFF funLeague day is taking place on the 12th of May, at the Edinburgh Napier University's Sighthill Campus, in the [EN]Gage Centre for Sport and Fitness. The set up is the same as for the cancelled March competition: Check-in at 11am, Warm Up and Fencing from 11.15am to 4pm, Award Ceremony at 4.30pm, Finish at 5pm.

Please enter online: http://bit.ly/paff-form
The Early Bird Price is £15 until 2nd May, the Full Price thereafter is £18. Entry closes on the 9th of May! (The entry fee is payable in cash at check-in.)

The competition is all volunteer run. Please get in touch with us, if you are happy to help organising this or further competitions or could lend a hand during the day.

For any questions regarding the PaFF funLeague day please email: paff.chair@gmail.com or paff.anja@gmail.com

General competition information: 

This competition is open to all young fencers in primary schools across Scotland. It is especially suitable for fencers who have just started. The equipment is provided, but bring your own mask, if you prefer.

What to expect: A lot of fencing and fun! 
Meet fencers from other clubs and fence all day, with a final round against children of your own ability level. Each final division of 6 fencers fights for its own trophy and medals.
There will be experienced referees, a play area for younger brothers & sisters and for between rounds and bouts, and a tuck shop with snacks, coffee, and tea for parents. 

During the first two rounds all children fence in mixed levels across the participating schools and clubs. In the final round, the fencers are grouped together into League Divisions A, B, C, etc of very similar ability. There are no elimination rounds - everyone gets a full afternoon's fencing. Each final division of 6 fencers fights for its own trophy and medals with certificates for the following places.
The referees also award our largest trophy, the Bracewell Trophy for Form And Technique, with medals for the runners-up, and a gold medal for Sportsmanship.

We will be using our paperless scoring app, with an extra app for all fencers and spectators to follow their scores as the action happens. Simply click  PaFFAudience. Here you will also find all fights from the last two competitions. Or for more information go to: http://clubknight.uk on any web-browser and click on the link for ClubKnight Audience.

Frequently asked questions:
"What should we bring?"
  • A long sleeved top and long trousers, which allow full movement of the leg & knee;
  • A warm top, for between fights;
  • Grippy, clean indoor shoes that have heel-cushioning;
  • A water bottle, lunch and snacks – your child will need lots of food during their hours of fighting;
You might want to bring your own camping chair. The competition takes place in a sports hall with limited seating for spectators. So bring your own camping chair or make yourself comfy on the floor.

"Isn’t it a bit early for my child to enter a competition?"
Honestly, No.
Many of the children are equally early in their progress as a fencer, some only had three lessons. This competition gives them four hours of fencing against children roughly their age, and a chance to compete in a final round against carefully-selected opponents, with coaching on the go by the referees. 

"Do we need to stay?"
If you can, please do stay to support your child. And a helping hand is always welcomed by the organisers, as this competition is completely volunteer run.