Tuesday, 15 May 2018

22nd PaFF Competition Results

The 22nd Plastic and Foam Fencing funLeague Day took place on the 12th of May 2018. Fifteen youngsters from Edinburgh primary schools and fencing clubs enjoyed a full day of fencing. Over three rounds they fought for places in three divisions and for special awards like the Bracewell Trophy for Form and Technique and medals for Sportsmanship and best fencer in their year group.

Division A:
1. Katharine D., Edinburgh Fencing Club
2. Lachlan C., Fencing is Fun (FiF) Bruntsfield
3. Griffin M., Edinburgh Fencing Club
4. Harold P., FiF Bruntsfield
5. Bram D., FiF Bruntsfield

Division B:
1. Robert L., FiF Bruntsfield, Edinburgh Fencing Club
2. Thomas O’S., Fencing is Fun (FiF) St. Peter’s
3. Tully C., FiF Bruntsfield
4. Jimmy H., FiF St. Peter’s
5. Billy B., Edinburgh Fencing Club

Division C:
1. Henry W., FiF Bruntsfield
2. Coral C., FiF St. Peter’s
3. Ryan S., FiF Bruntsfield
4. Roman Y., FiF St. Peter’s
5. John O’S., FiF St. Peter’s

Best girls and boys in their year group:
P4 Girl: Coral C., FiF St. Peter’s
P5 Girl: Tully C., FiF Bruntsfield
P7 Girl: Katharine D., Edinburgh Fencing Club
P3 Boy: Bram D., FiF Bruntsfield
P4 Boy: Harold P., FiF Bruntsfield
P5 Boy: Lachlan C., FiF Bruntsfield
P6 Boy: Griffin M., FiF Bruntsfield
P7 Boy: Thomas O’S., FiF St. Peter’s

The Bracewell Trophy for Form and Technique was awarded to Lachlan C., followed by Tully C. with a silver medal and Coral C. with bronze.
The gold medal for Best Sportsmanship went to Harold P. Best PaFF Newcomer was Griffin M.
The trophy for the best school went to Bruntsfield Primary school, and the best club trophy was won by FiF Bruntsfield.

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