Tuesday, 27 November 2012

PaFF 7 results

Well, that's the 7th PaFF funLeague competition day over.

Despite the bugs going around, we filled 40 of the 42 places, thanks to our stand-by list.

Well done to everyone who took part, and I hope to have to full fight results on-line soon.

Bracewell Trophy for Form and Technique 

This is our largest, most prestigious trophy and it was won by Katie, FiF North Merchiston.
2nd: Corran, FiF Craiglockhart
3rd: Mariam, FiF Craiglockhart

Also commended were: Samirah, and also Josh McA, Jordan, Julia, Ewan, Cameron G, Izzy, and Xander.

Gold medal for Sportsmanship 

Joshua B, of FiF Bruntsfield, for keeping on going.

Also commended were Ewan, Izzy, Xander, and Emma.

League Medals:

Division A:

1st : Angus, FiF Craiglockhart and Edinburgh Fencing Club
2nd : Ewan, Dunblane Fencing Club
3rd : Joshua McA, Dunblane Fencing Club

Division B:

1st: Thomas, FiF North Merchiston and Salle Holyrood
2nd: Jordan, FiF Bruntsfield
3rd: Julia, Wallace Academy

Division C:

1st: Corran, FiF Craiglockhart
2nd: Samuel Q, FiF Carrickvale
3rd: Elliot B, FiF Craiglockhart

Division D:

1st: Ben H, FiF Bruntsfield
2nd: Hector, FiF Craiglockhart
3rd: Cameron G, FiF Bruntsfield

Division E:

1st: Simon, FiF North Merchiston
2nd: Emma, FiF Carrickvale
3rd: Cameron O, FiF Craiglockhart

Division F:

1st: Logan, FiF Craiglockhart
2nd: Fergal, FiF Craiglockhart
3rd: Elliott C, FiF Craiglockhart

Division G:

1st: Maciej, FiF Carrickvale
2nd: Joshua B, FiF Bruntsfield
3rd: Yahya, FiF North Merchiston

School year champions

We started a new series of medals, to reward the fencers who are the best in their school year:

Primary 2:

Champion Girl : Samirah, FiF Carrickvale
Champion Boy : Joshua B, FiF Bruntsfield

Primary 3:

Champion Boy : Samuel Q, FiF Carrickvale

Primary 4:

Champion Girl : Ben S, FiF Craiglockhart
Champion Boy : Mariam, FiF Craiglockhart

Primary 5:

Champion Girl : Ismail, FiF Carrickvale
Champion Boy : Katie, FiF North Merchiston

Primary 6:

Champion Girl : Olivia, Wallace Academy
Champion Boy : Jordan, FiF Brunstfield

Primary 7:

Champion Girl : Emma, FiF Carrickvale
Champion Boy : Angus Love, FiF Craiglockhart and Edinburgh Fencing Club

Secondary 1:

Champion Girl : Julia, Wallace Academy

Friday, 23 November 2012

Monday, 19 November 2012

PaFF 7 entries

We have fencers from all over, with 20 schools and 10 fencing clubs represented.

5 from Dunblane FC
1 from Edinburgh FC
2 from Wallace Academy, Linlithgow
1 from Salle Holyrood and Fencing Fun
and from the Fencing is Fun clubs, we have
7 from FiF Bruntsfield,
7 from FiF Carrickvale,
12 from FiF Craiglockhart,
5 from FiF North Merchiston and
4 from FiF Ratho.

Stevenson College is now part of Edinburgh College

Please note that the sign at the car park entrance now reads "Edinburgh College"!

PaFF 7 is now full - cancellations may be available

We have increased the event to 7 League Divisions, and we are now full.

Thank you to everyone entered.  Please remember to fill in the online details form if you have entered by txt or email, but have not already filled the form.

At last count, there will be children from 8 fencing clubs and 19 schools attending.

In previous events, there have usually been 1 or 2 cancellations due to sickness and injury.  If you would like to be put on the waiting list, to be notified of places on the day, please email or txt to book a place on the waiting list.

Our contact details are at