Tuesday, 26 February 2013

PaFF 8 Results

The Bracewell Trophy for Form & Technique:
Winner: Katie, FiF North Merchiston
Silver Medal: Thomas, Dunblane FC
Bronze: Samirah, FiF Carrickvale

Gold Medal for Sportsmanship: Euan, Dunblane FC

Age Group Champions:
P2: Samirah, FiF Carrickvale and Archie, FiF Bruntsfield
P3: Samuel, FiF Carrickvale
P4: Rosie and Ben S, both FiF Craiglockhart
P5: Indio and Caelan, both FiF North Merchiston
P6: Eva, FiF North Merchiston, and Jordan, FiF Bruntsfield
P7: Emma, FiF Carrickvale and Josh McA, Dunblane FC

The funLeague Divisions:

funLeague Division G

Winner: Simon, FiF North Merchiston
Silver: Murdo, FiF Bruntsfield
Bronze: Himesh, FiF Craiglockhart

funLeague Division F

Winner: Carlo, FiF North Merchiston
Silver: Donald, FiF Bruntsfield
Bronze: Elliot, FiF Craiglockhart

funLeague Division E

Winner: Hannah, FiF North Merchiston
Silver: Eva, FiF North Merchiston
Bronze: Hector, FiF Craiglockhart

funLeague Division D

Winner: Euan, Dunblane FC
Silver: Xander, FiF Bruntsfield
Bronze: Emily, Dunblane FC

funLeague Division C

Winner: Ben H, FiF Bruntsfield
Silver: Thomas, Dunblane FC
Bronze: Guy, FiF North Merchiston

funLeague Division B

This division was incredibly closely-fought - only four hits separated the first two places, and the next four fencers were all tied on 2 victories, with only four hits separating the top from the bottom.

Winner: Angus, FiF Craiglockhart
Silver: Samuel, FiF Carrickvale
Bronze: Emma, FiF Carrickvale

funLeague Division A

Winner: Caelan, FiF North Merchiston
Silver: Josh McA, Dunblane FC
Bronze: Indio, FiF North Merchiston

Sunday, 3 February 2013

PaFF 8 coming soon

New Time!  New Venue!

The Eighth PaFF competition is on at Wester Hailes Education Centre, at 11am on Saturday, February 23rd.

Check-in between 11am and 11:15am at the organisers' table in Hall 1, Wester Hailes Education Centre.

Fencing starts at 11:30am, and fencing finishes at 4pm.

Price £8.50

To book your child's place : txt or email to PaFF and Fencing Is Fun contact details

Then fill in the PaFF Entrant Details form on-line.

PaFF Entrant Details Form

To enter the competition:

Step 1 : Txt or email with your name, your child's name, and say you want to book in the competition.

The mobile number and email address can be found on  PaFF and Fencing Is Fun contact details

Step 2: Fill in the PaFF Entrant Details form on-line.

Step 3: Arrive at the check-in desk, in Hall 1 at Wester Hailes Education Centre, between 11am and 11:15am on Saturday 23rd February.

Step 4: Pay the entry fee of £8.50 at Check-In on the day.
(If paying by cheque, please make it payable to "Plastic-and-Foam Fencing")