Sunday, 12 November 2017

Results of the 21st PaFF competition

The 21st PaFF funLeague Day was held on the 11th November 2017 at the [EN]GAGE Sports and Fitness Centre of the Napier University Sighthill Campus in Edinburgh.
Thirty fencers from eight fencing clubs and seven primary schools in Edinburgh fought in over two hundred fights with plastic foils.
Newcomers with only a few weeks of fencing lessons as well as experienced fencers with four or more years of training showed great fencing skills and sportsmanship fighting for trophies and medals in five divisions.

Division A: Joseph S. won fourteen out of his fifteen fights and became first in division A, followed by Katharine D., Findlay C., Archie P., Harold P., and Robert L., all fencers from Bruntsfield Primary School. While Joseph, Archie, Harold and Robert are fencing within the after school club Fencing is Fun Bruntsfield, Katharine and Findlay – also former FiF Bruntsfield attendees – have moved on to metal foil fencing with the Edinburgh Fencing Club.

Division B: The first place went to Stephen H. (Bruntsfield PS, Salle Holyrood), silver went to Aleks R. (Fencing Fun - Craiglockhart Primary School), bronze was won by Lachlan C. (FiF Bruntsfield PS). Follow up places went to Merryn U. K. (Fencing Fun Towerbank PS), Kasper W. (FiF Bruntsfield PS), and Joshua L. (Fencing Fun Towerbank PS).

Division C: Marco S. from George Heriot’s Fencing Club came first, Hector N. (FiF North Merchiston, Bruntsfield PS) placed second, and the third place went to Thomas O’S. (FiF St. Peter’s RC PS). Philip D. (FiF Bruntsfield PS), Anna McG. (FiF North Merchiston, Bonaly PS), and Ewan H. (FiF Bruntsfield PS) came fourth, fifth and sixth.

Division D: Emily McG. (FiF North Merchiston, Bonaly PS) placed first in Division D. The silver medal went to Santiago L. (George Heriot’s Fencing Club), bronze was won by Rory J. (Fencing Fun Towerbank PS). Fourth came Jimmy H. (FiF St. Peter’s RC PS), fifth Billy B. (TNP Gaelic School, Edinburgh Fencing Club), and sixth Luke B. (FiF St. Peter’s RC PS).

Division E: First placed Henry W. followed by Matthew H., both FiF Bruntsfield PS. Third came Joshua O’N., followed by Leo H. fourth, and Jacob C. fifth, all FiF St. Peter’s RC PS. The sixth place went to Michalis K. (FiF Bruntsfield PS).

The trophies for Best School and Best Club were won by Bruntsfield Primary School and FiF Bruntsfield – for the fourth consecutive year.
The Bruntsfield fencers also won the gold medals for Best Boys of their school years: Michalis K. (P2), Philip D. (P3), Harold P. (P4), Joseph S. (P5), Stephen H. (P6), and Findlay C. (P7).
The gold medals for Best P4 Girl went to Anna McG., Best P5 Girls was Merryn U. K., Best P6 Girl was Emily McG., and Best P7 Girl was Katharine D.
Special Awards went to Rory J. for the Best Sportsmanship, and Aleks R. was the highest placed Newcomer.
The most prestigious price, the Bracewell Trophy for Form and Technique was awarded to Emily McG. The silver medal for Form and Technique went to Katharine D., and bronze was awarded to Joshua L.

The results of all fights can be found here:

The next PaFF competition will be held on the 3rd of March 2018. You can already enter here:

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Last few places left for PaFF 21

We currently have 4 places left for Saturday's competition.

We have entries from  Bruntsfield, Bonaly, Craiglockhart, George Heriot's, James Gillespie's, St Peter's, Towerbank, Edinburgh Fencing Club, Fencing Fun, Fencing is Fun, North Merchiston and Salle Holyrood.