Thursday, 30 May 2013

2013 PaFF Scottish Season Championship Places

Of the 85 entrants to this season's PaFFs, 30 fencers entered more than one PaFF, putting them in contention for this year's PaFF Scottish Season Championship.

Directoire Gordon has finally got the spreadsheet working properly, so Silver and Bronze medals will be delivered this week.

Here are the Scottish Season Championship results:

Place Season Position
Name PaFF 7 PaFF 8 PaFF 9 (Best 2 of 3)
P7 Angus 1 7 1 1
P7 Josh McA 3 2 2 2
P5 Ismail 5 4 10 3=
P4 Ben S 4 5 --- 3=
P6 Indio --- 3 9 5
P6 Jordan 8 11 5 6=
P6 Caelan --- 1 12 6=
P4 Mariam 6 18 28 8
P5 Jake 11 --- 15 9=
P3 Samuel Q 18 8 35 9=
P7 Thomas R - NM 13 --- 13 11
P5 Ben H 14 13 --- 12
P4 Corran 16 12 --- 13
P4 Cameron O 24 16 17 14
P7 Emma 25 9 --- 15
P5 Katie 12 28 23 16
P5 Hannah --- 24 16 17
P4 Hector 17 26 --- 18
P2 Samirah 22 23 34 19
P6 Eva --- 25 21 20
P4 Rosie --- 17 30 21
P3 Elliot B 19 31 --- 22
P4 Emily McA --- 21 33 23
P4 Fergal 30 27 37 24
P6 Simon 26 34 --- 25
P4 Robbie 36 --- 29 26
P2 Archie 37 32 43 27
P4 Yahya 35 --- 36 28=
P2 Dylan 38 33 --- 28=
P2 Joshua B 40 38 38 30

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

PaFF now has a Facebook page.

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Scottish Fencing Plastic Foil Championships

Entries are now being accepted until Friday 24th May.

PaFF 2012-13 Season Rankings - Primary 7

The season ranking is based on each fencer's best two scores from the season's events.

Angus 1st
Josh McA 2nd
Thomas R - NM 8th=
Emma 16th
Fraser O 18th
Agnia 19th
Ewan P 21st=
Sean 21st=
Julia (S1)
Samuel M 33rd=
Thomas R - Db 41st
Euan U 49th=
Donald 65th
John 69th

PaFF 2012-13 Season Rankings - Primary 6

The season ranking is based on each fencer's best two scores from the season's events.

Jordan 3rd
Indio 4th
Caelan 5th=
Eva 21st=
Robin M 24th=
Elliot D 37th
Fraser I 39th=
Lucy 47th=
Olivia 49th=
Simon 49th=

PaFF 2012-13 Season Rankings - Primary 5

The season ranking is based on each fencer's best two scores from the season's events.

Ismail 5th=
Jake 8th=
Ben H 12th
Katie 13th=
Hannah 17th
Billy 20th
Oliver 27th=
Emily O 31st=
Xander P 31st=
Kalu 36th
Xander T
Guy 42nd=
Keira 42nd=
Lena 45th=
Louis 49th=
Devlin 54th
Jonah 54th
Abelard 58th=
Lily 58th=
Logan 61st

PaFF 2012-13 Season Rankings - Primary 4

The season ranking is based on each fencer's best two scores from the season's events.

Ben S 7th
Mariam 10th
Cameron O 13th=
Corran 13th=
Rosie 24th=
Hector 26th
Emily McA 33rd=
Fergal 43rd
Robbie 44th=
Yahya 55th
Calum 56th
Isobel 59th
Elliott C 62th=
Maciej 69th=
Oskar 71st
Mhairi 72nd
Murdo 73rd=
Raees 76th=
James 81st

PaFF 2012-13 Season Rankings - Primary 3

The season ranking is based on each fencer's best two scores from the season's events.

Samuel Q 11th
Elliot B 35th
Cameron G 46th=
Carlo 62nd=
Joe 64th=
Reuben 69th=
Laura 73rd=
Himesh 75th
Alexandra 76th=

PaFF 2012-13 Season Rankings - Primary 2

The season ranking is based on each fencer's best two scores from the season's events.

Liam 52nd
Archie 61st
Dylan 64th=
Joshua B 64th=
Brendan 78th=
Daniel W 78th=

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Scottish Fencing Plastic Foil Championships - Entry closes on Monday

The next Plastic Foil competition coming up is the Scottish Fencing Plastic Foil Championships, in less than two weeks.

There are only 6 days to get your entries in - the event closes off' on Monday the 20th.  If you want to take part, see your fencing club for information.

In the meantime, keep practising!

Through the year, there will be more information put out.

PaFF Scottish Champion, 2012-13

We award the PaFF Scottish Champion Trophy to the person who competes most consistently well across the whole year of events.

In earlier years, Rachel Hall was entirely undefeated in every bout at six PaFF events.

There are three PaFF events in Edinburgh each year, but we are not trying to get everyone to attend all of them.  We want the limited spaces at the events to be shared around.

So the Season Champion is the person with the best pair of performances.  If a fencer has been at all three events, we choose the two best results, and ignore the worst result.

Angus Love is the PaFF Scottish Champion for the 2012-13 season.  He won the Trophy for Division A twice over the season. He also had a third result - winning the PaFF 08 Division B Trophy - which was ignored.

Josh McArdle was the Scottish Season Silver Medallist for 2012-13, winning the Silver medal for League Division twice A over the season. He also had a third result - winning the Division A Bronze medal in PaFF 07 - which was ignored.

Ismail Ceesay was the Scottish Season Bronze Medallist for 2012-13, with a Bronze Medal and a 5th place, both for Division A.

Also Notable were:
Caelan, with a Trophy for Division A, and place in Division B
Ben S, with a 4th and 5th place in Division A
Indio, with a 4th and 6th place in Division A
Jordan, with a 5th in Division A, and a Silver medal for Division B
Mariam, with a 6th in Division A, and a place in Division C
Samuel Q, with a trophy for Division B, and a place in Division C

PaFF 09 - Overview

We organised 49 fencers to contest 2,319 hits in 301 fights, all in four and a half hours of fencing.

We gave out 12 trophies, 21 medals and more certificates than we could shake a stick at.

We had the services of fourteen referees, a tournament organiser, and several assistant organisers.

The size of each PaFF competition is determined by two things. How big a hall can we get?  How many Presidents (referees) can we get?  For PaFF 09, referees came from Edinburgh, Stirlingshire and the Borders to help out.  A huge Thank You to Carolyn, Dalila, Romain, Lloyd, and Matt for coming to spend their day refereeing, and also to Charity for helping out with the Final round.

Congratulations to Referee Lloyd on passing his Level 1 Foil Coaching exam a week ago.  PaFF are looking forward to Lloyd's future pupils coming to next year's PaFFs.

An especially big Thank You to the young fencers who helped by refereeing.  Alice, Clara, Leo, Rachel and Eilidh who were there with their families, and especially Ben & Daniel, who came to the event especially to referee.

Coaches came from Edinburgh and from clubs in South Lanarkshire to have a look at the competition.  hopefully we'll be able to welcome their young fencers to future events.

Thank you to
 - Juliet and everyone who helped her with the Check-In desk
 - Claire and Flora at Directoire,
 - Soffia, and Synnove at the play area
 - Elena and the tuck shop team,
 - all the people who laid out the tape and then pulled it up again at the end,
 - Tanya, Karen, Alice and Clara, who wrote out the certificates in such neat handwriting.

The Edinburgh Evening News will be printing an article and a picture, next week or the week after.

The next of the PaFF tournaments in Edinburgh will be in Sighthill, at the end of November.

If you would be willing to learn to be a referee - perhaps you already do some kind of sword-play - we will train you to referee.  We will even even give you free training as a foil fencer, if you are willing to referee or coach afterwards.

 here on the blog:  

 On Facebook,

  On Twitter, @PaFF_UK

PaFF 09 Results - Full Fight Results for Round 2

Full results for Round 2.  

First to 4 hits / aka Best of 7 hits

44 Fencers, contesting 1,400 hits in 200 fights or "bouts"

Pool 1

Pool 2

Pool 3
Pool 4
Pool 5

Pool 6

Pool 7 

Pool 8

PaFF 09 Results - Full Bout details for Round 1

Full results for Round 1.  

First to 4 hits / aka Best of 7 hits

43 Fencers, contesting 1,330 hits in 190 fights or "bouts"

Pool 1
Pool 2
Pool 3
Pool 4
Pool 5

Pool 6

Pool 7

Pool 8

Monday, 13 May 2013

PaFF 09 Results - The Bracewell Trophy for Form & Technique

This is our largest and most prestigious trophy.

It's awarded by the panel of the referees at discussion at the end of the event.

Trophy: Robin M

Silver medal: Sean
Bronze medal: Thomas R

PaFF 09 Results - Medals for Sportsmanship

Gold: Samuel Q
Silver: Ismail
Bronze: Archie

PaFF 09 Results - Champion Boys & Girls of each year of Primary School

Champion Primary 2 Girl: Samirah
Champion Primary 2 Boy: Liam

Champion P3 Boy: Samuel Q
Champion P3 Girl: Laura

Champion P4 Girl: Mariam
Champion P4 Boy: Cameron O

Champion P5 Boy: Billy
Champion P5 Girl: Emily O

Champion P6 Girl: Robin M
Champion P6 Boy: Jordan

Champion P7 Boy: Angus
Champion P7 Girl: Agnia

PaFF 09 Results - League Division A

Trophy: Angus
Silver medal: Josh M
Bronze: Fraser O
4th: Agnia
5th: Jordan
6th: Billy

PaFF 09 Results - League Division B

Trophy: Sean
Silver medal: Robin M
Bronze: Indio
4th: Ismail
5th: Oliver
6th: Caelan

PaFF 09 Results - League Division C

Trophy: Thomas R
Silver medal: Emily O
Bronze: Jake
4th: Hannah
5th: Cameron O
6th: Elliot D

PaFF 09 Results - League Division D

Trophy: Xander T
Silver medal: Fraser I
Bronze: Eva
4th: Keira
5th: Katie
6th: Lena

PaFF 09 Results - League Division E

Trophy: Lucy
Silver medal: Louis
Bronze: Liam
4th: Mariam
5th: Robbie

PaFF 09 Results - League Division F

Trophy: Rosie
Silver medal: Calum McG
Bronze: Lily
4th: Emily M
5th: Samirah

PaFF 09 Results - League Division G

Trophy: Samuel
Silver medal: Yahya
Bronze medal: Fergal
4th: Joshua B
5th: Reuben
6th: Oscar

PaFF 09 Results - League Division H

Trophy: Mhairi
Silver Medal: Laura
Bronze Medal: Archie
4th: Alexandra
5th: Daniel W

PaFF 09 Results - Best Club

Fencers from 10 clubs took part.

Salle Holyrood vs. Edinburgh FC at PaFF 09
The Best Club trophy went to the fencers of FiF North Merchiston, with 278 points between them.

2. Dunblane FC 213 pts

3. FiF Craiglockhart, 179 pts
4. Edinburgh FC 
5. FiF Bruntsfield 
6. FiF Carrickvale 
7. FiF Ratho
8. Salle Holyrood
9. Wallace Academy Linlithgow
10. Fencing Fun Gillespies

PaFF 09 Results - Best School

Twenty schools from four local authority had fencers entered.

The Trophy was won by Newton Primary, Dunblane, (182 points).

2nd. Edinburgh Steiner School, (169 points)
3rd. Craiglockhart Primary (158 points)
4.Bruntsfield PS, Edinburgh 131
5.Stenhouse PS, Edinburgh 48
6.Tollcross PS, Edinburgh 47
7. Carrick Knowe PS, Edinburgh 43
8.Wardie PS, Edinburgh 37
9.Sciennes PS, Edinburgh 35
10. Dalmeny PS, Edinburgh 33
11. South Morningside PS 32
12. Beaconhurst School, Stirling 31
13. Bonaly PS, Edinburgh 25
14. Hawthornden PS, Lasswade 17
15. Low Port PS, Linlithgow 15
16. Balgreen PS, Edinburgh 11
17. Preston Street PS, Edinburgh 10
18. Craigroyston PS 6
19. Ratho PS, Edinburgh 5
20. St. Peters PS, Edinburgh

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

PaFF 09 - last few spaces available

PaFF 09 already has bookings to take us to League Divisions A,B,C,D,E,F & G.  (Which would have been a sell-out at the other venues)

This time, we have additional hall space to run League Divisions H & J, so there is still time to enter.

Enter on-line at:

Payment is on the day.

Evening News picture from PaFF 08, Feb 2013

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Scottish Fencing's Plastic Foil Championships

The dates and venue for the 2013 Scottish Plastic Foil Championships have now been announced.

The venue will now be 
Holyrood High School, 55 Duddingston Road West, Edinburgh, EH15 1ST
Venue phone number : 0131 661 5871.

At time of writing, the Check-in times were likely to change.

Map to venue

The paper entry form is on-line at:
(Please note, this page is currently showing the wrong venue.  Holyrood HS is the correct venue.)
(Check in times are likely to change)

The on-line entry form is at the bottom of
(Check in times are likely to change)

To enter, you must,
Either: join Scottish Fencing for £25, then pay the £5 entry fee (£30 total)
Or: Join Salle FiF for £3, which entitles you to join Scottish Fencing for the reduced ("Social") rate of £10, then pay the £5 entry fee (£18 total)

All entrants will get a chocolate medal and a Scottish Fencing duffle bag.

PaFF now has a Facebook page!

If you are on Facebook, and your children come to our competitions, or you are a competition official, please Like us, at: