Tuesday, 27 November 2012

PaFF 7 results

Well, that's the 7th PaFF funLeague competition day over.

Despite the bugs going around, we filled 40 of the 42 places, thanks to our stand-by list.

Well done to everyone who took part, and I hope to have to full fight results on-line soon.

Bracewell Trophy for Form and Technique 

This is our largest, most prestigious trophy and it was won by Katie, FiF North Merchiston.
2nd: Corran, FiF Craiglockhart
3rd: Mariam, FiF Craiglockhart

Also commended were: Samirah, and also Josh McA, Jordan, Julia, Ewan, Cameron G, Izzy, and Xander.

Gold medal for Sportsmanship 

Joshua B, of FiF Bruntsfield, for keeping on going.

Also commended were Ewan, Izzy, Xander, and Emma.

League Medals:

Division A:

1st : Angus, FiF Craiglockhart and Edinburgh Fencing Club
2nd : Ewan, Dunblane Fencing Club
3rd : Joshua McA, Dunblane Fencing Club

Division B:

1st: Thomas, FiF North Merchiston and Salle Holyrood
2nd: Jordan, FiF Bruntsfield
3rd: Julia, Wallace Academy

Division C:

1st: Corran, FiF Craiglockhart
2nd: Samuel Q, FiF Carrickvale
3rd: Elliot B, FiF Craiglockhart

Division D:

1st: Ben H, FiF Bruntsfield
2nd: Hector, FiF Craiglockhart
3rd: Cameron G, FiF Bruntsfield

Division E:

1st: Simon, FiF North Merchiston
2nd: Emma, FiF Carrickvale
3rd: Cameron O, FiF Craiglockhart

Division F:

1st: Logan, FiF Craiglockhart
2nd: Fergal, FiF Craiglockhart
3rd: Elliott C, FiF Craiglockhart

Division G:

1st: Maciej, FiF Carrickvale
2nd: Joshua B, FiF Bruntsfield
3rd: Yahya, FiF North Merchiston

School year champions

We started a new series of medals, to reward the fencers who are the best in their school year:

Primary 2:

Champion Girl : Samirah, FiF Carrickvale
Champion Boy : Joshua B, FiF Bruntsfield

Primary 3:

Champion Boy : Samuel Q, FiF Carrickvale

Primary 4:

Champion Girl : Ben S, FiF Craiglockhart
Champion Boy : Mariam, FiF Craiglockhart

Primary 5:

Champion Girl : Ismail, FiF Carrickvale
Champion Boy : Katie, FiF North Merchiston

Primary 6:

Champion Girl : Olivia, Wallace Academy
Champion Boy : Jordan, FiF Brunstfield

Primary 7:

Champion Girl : Emma, FiF Carrickvale
Champion Boy : Angus Love, FiF Craiglockhart and Edinburgh Fencing Club

Secondary 1:

Champion Girl : Julia, Wallace Academy

Friday, 23 November 2012

Monday, 19 November 2012

PaFF 7 entries

We have fencers from all over, with 20 schools and 10 fencing clubs represented.

5 from Dunblane FC
1 from Edinburgh FC
2 from Wallace Academy, Linlithgow
1 from Salle Holyrood and Fencing Fun
and from the Fencing is Fun clubs, we have
7 from FiF Bruntsfield,
7 from FiF Carrickvale,
12 from FiF Craiglockhart,
5 from FiF North Merchiston and
4 from FiF Ratho.

Stevenson College is now part of Edinburgh College

Please note that the sign at the car park entrance now reads "Edinburgh College"!

PaFF 7 is now full - cancellations may be available

We have increased the event to 7 League Divisions, and we are now full.

Thank you to everyone entered.  Please remember to fill in the online details form if you have entered by txt or email, but have not already filled the form.

At last count, there will be children from 8 fencing clubs and 19 schools attending.

In previous events, there have usually been 1 or 2 cancellations due to sickness and injury.  If you would like to be put on the waiting list, to be notified of places on the day, please email or txt to book a place on the waiting list.

Our contact details are at

Friday, 12 October 2012

Paff 7 Entry form

Submit your entry on-line, by clicking on the link below and filling in the form.
(Please note that this is an on-line form, and cannot be downloaded)

PaFF 7 Entry Form

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Map to Stevenson College, Sighthill Campus

The fighting takes place in Stevenson College's Centre for Sport and Exercise, at their Sighthill Campus.

The building is on the left as you enter the car-park.

Approximate travel times (according to Google) are:
Linlithgow : 23 minutes
Dunblane : 43 minutes
Craiglockhart : 12 minutes
Lasswade : 17 minutes
Peebles : 37 minutes
Selkirk : 1 hour & 6 minutes
Bridge of Allan : 44 minutes

Announcing PaFF 7

The 7th PaFF FunLeague competition day will be held on Saturday, the 24th of November.

It will be held at Stevenson College's Sighthill campus on Edinburgh, just at the end of the M8 motorway.

We open the check-in desk at 11:30, and please arrive by 11:40am at the latest.  This allows the fencing to start promptly at noon, and helps make sure everyone gets to go home sweaty, exhausted and happy at 4pm.

All the children get a full four hours of fencing, and we use the first period to evaluate how well each one is doing individually.

In the final round, we stream the children into a League division with 5 other fencers, all of very similar ability.  This is when they begin to fight for the Division's trophy, and silver and bronze medals.  The other three fencers in each League Division receive our handsome certificate, detailing how many victories and hits they achieved over the day.

The largest trophy, the Bracewell Trophy for Form and Technique, is also handed out to a fencer selected by the panel of referees, as are silver and bronze medals for technique.  We hope to encourage them to develop a solid platform of technique, even in the heat of combat.

The panel of referees also awards a Gold medal for Sportsmanship, to help keep alive fencing's traditions of respect for your opponent, and courtesy to them. We hope to encourage the children to win well, and lose gracefully.

If they are experienced, we hope they will fence well enough to be with other experienced fencers, and if they are just beginning, and they make it into a group with experienced fencers, we are delighted for them.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Scottish Championships News

The head organiser assures us there are contingencies in place to ensure that all of the children will get a full two hours of fencing, no matter the size of the entries.

Everyone is confident that there is going to be a healthy entry, and there will be  chococolate medals and a Scottish Fencing duffle bag for all.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Scottish Plastic Foil Championships

Here is the information hot off the presses from Scottish Fencing - the Scottish arm of the national governing body for Olympic and World Championship-rules fencing in the UK.

I've highlighted key points in bold.

"Plastic Foil Championships
Saturday 12th May 2012
Drumbrae Leisure Centre, 30 Drumbrae Terrace,
, EH4 7SF

The competition is open to members of Scottish Fencing in years 3 to 7 of Primary school. Social members in this age band may enter if they have not fenced in a competition, apart from in their club, since 1 September 2011. Applications to join Scottish Fencing will be accepted on the day.

Competition Format: One-hit poule unique (each fencer will fence everyone in their age group for 1 hit)

Competition Notes:
Trophies for both girls and boys in each age group.
Chocolate Medals for all entrants!! Scottish Fencing Duffle Bag for all!

Equipment Regulations:
Fencers should wear tracksuit trousers, trainers and long-sleeved top.

Scottish Fencing will provide all the necessary plastic fencing equipment.

Entry fee: £5. Send with completed entry form to: Scottish Fencing Ltd, Caledonia House, 1 Redheughs Rigg, South Gyle, EDINBURGH, EH12 9DQ
Online Entry at: http://fencingevent.com/SPFC12details.html

Closing Date: Friday 4th May 2012

Running Late? If you think you are going to be late arriving on the day of your competition, please phone or text Mike O’Donnell on 07852 715083 before check-in closes.

Check-in times [for both Girls and Boys]
Saturday 12th May 2012
P3 and P4 : 0845-0900

P5 : 1115-1130
P6 :
P7 : 1530-1545

Entries must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. Late entries will only be accepted at the organisers’ discretion. The organisers reserve the right to alter competition formats on the day and to cancel any competition that receives too few entries.]"

PaFF 6 is over!

Thank you everyone, for making today so satisfying to put on. The children contested 1445 hits, in 255 fights.

(We had planned to contest 1710 hits across 270 fights, but one of the children had to withdraw during check-in, due to a family emergency, so then we planned to contest 1615 hits).

Things didn't go quite as smoothly as we wanted yesterday - pretty much from the moment smoke came out from under the bonnet of the car that was bringing the tables, the chairs, and the fencing gear!

It's the first time that the fencing has over-run our hall booking, but all's well that ends well, and the results will go on-line here soon.

Each competition, we try to learn lessons so that the next one runs better, more smoothly, more slickly, more enjoyably - please do send us your comments and your criticisms so we get to know about all the things that niggled or delighted.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Bring chairs!

There is no seating supplied in the hall.

If you have any foldable chairs, with chairlegs that would not mark or damage a wooden floor, please do bring them.

The organisers will check them for suitability before they can go into the hall, so please do check them before bringing them.

PaFF 6 is full

We've doubled the size of hall, and the competition is still full.

We do often have people cancelling on the day due to sickness, etc - if you still would like to go, we can put you on our waiting list.

Gordon would like to thank everyone for booking their place promptly and early this competition.  Usually just over half of the entries arrive in the last 48 hours.

This time there have been no entries arriving so late.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Please make sure you bring:

- grippy indoor shoes with non-marking soles
- ankle-length trousers that allow the knees full freedom to bend and straighten - track suit trousers are ideal
- a spare t-shirt
    to wear as protection
- a fleecey sweatshirt with NO front pockets (school uniform sweatshirts are ideal),
    also to wear as protection
- sugary drink, a bottle of water, snacks, or money for the tuck-shop
- a towel

If you have a mask, do remember to bring it!

There will be a small tuckshop, selling crisps, cereal bars and drinks.

PaFF 5 Results

Entry was capped at 22 fencers, to allow the competition to run faster
in the new venue.

Division D:
5th: Fergal FiF Clh
4th: Devlin FiF CvCC
3rd: Mikey FiF CvCC
2nd: Simon FiF NM
1st: Fraser FiF Clh

Division C:
5th: Maciej FiF CvCC
4th: Hector FiF Clh
3rd: Ben FiF Clh
2nd: Abelard FiF CvCC
1st: Samuel FiF CvCC

Division B:
4th Equal: Ismail FiF CvCC, Thomas FF & FiF NM
3rd: Lachlan FiF CvCC
2nd: Rosie FiF Clh
1st: Finn FiF Clh

Division A:
5th: Jemma FiF RCC
4th: Ben J FiF RCC
3rd: Caelan FiF NM
2nd: Jane FiF Clh
1st: Rachel FiF Clh & NM

The inaugural PaFF Medal for Sportsmanship :
Fraser - FiF Clh

The Bracewell Trophy for Form
3rd : Mikey FiF CvCC
2nd : Caelan FiF NMC
Winner : Fergal FiF Clh

Thank you to all who helped with transport and organisation, and
laying out the pistes.

Many thanks to Elena for running Check-in and the Tuck Shop.

Many thanks to our referees: Carolyn, James, Romain, Claire, Dalila and Gordon.

Many thanks to Romain and Claire for training as referees, specially
to help out today!

The PaFF FunLeague is an all-volunteer, non-profit making organisation.

Pool sheets will be published soon.

PaFF 6 is tomorrow!

We've doubled the size of the hall, and we've still run out of places, so it's going to be an exciting busy day.

We usually do have spaces come available on the day, so it's often worthwhile asking to be put on the waiting list.

11:30am, Stevenson College, Sighthill Campus, Centre for Sport and Exercise

Runs until 4pm.

Please check previous posts for map.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

2011/2012 PaFF Season rankings coming soon

These will cover PaFF 4 (Dec 2011) and PaFF 5 (March 2012)

Paff 5 - full results soming soon

PaFF FunLeague - competition format

Our competitions are designed to give every child a full day of fencing - there are no elimination rounds.

We have the children fence against each other, to find out who is fighting at what level of ability.

We then collate the days results, and the fencers are put together in groups of up to 6 for the Final round, based purely on that day's ability.  The top group of fencers are put into League Division A, the next group are put into Division B, etc.

All the fencers in the Division fight each other, to decide who wins the bronze and silver medals, and who wins the Division trophy.   In the case of a tie for first second or third place,  they both receive a medal.

All the other children receive one of our gorgeous certificates featuring a fencing cartoon from hundreds of years ago.  It details the number of hits they landed, and how many victories they won.  (These are often given out at their own club the week after the event).

The referees also award a gold medal for Sportsmanship, and prizes for technique - bronze and silver medals, and our largest trophy - the Bracewell Trophy for Form and Technique.

PaFF 6 confirmed for 21st April, 2012

It will be held at Stevenson College's Centre for Sport and Exercise, in Sighthill in Edinburgh.

This is the last competition before the new Scottish Championships for Plastic Foil - so it's a great opportunity to practice your best moves.

We're thinking of starting earlier than usual, at 10:30am.  Please let us know if you'd prefer the usual 11:30am start, before April 1st.  Finish time will remain 4pm, as usual.

Entry fee will remain at £8 - a bargain for all that fencing.

Please book your child's place by email or by txt.       

They almost always sell out so please book early to avoid disappointment.

To try and avoid the flood of entries in the last 48 hours before the event, there will be a £2 late-entry fee for people booking their place after April 10pm on Sunday, 15th April.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

PaFF 5 is on this Saturday

The competition series has moved to a new venue - Stevenson College, Sighthill, Edinburgh.

We're in the PE building, which is on the left as you enter the car park.

Here's a map showing how to get to the car park entrance:

Due to the extra organisation due to the unexpected change of venue, we have not been able to announce the details as widely as usual - sorry about that.  We expect to be back to normal for our next competition.