Friday, 20 April 2012

PaFF 5 Results

Entry was capped at 22 fencers, to allow the competition to run faster
in the new venue.

Division D:
5th: Fergal FiF Clh
4th: Devlin FiF CvCC
3rd: Mikey FiF CvCC
2nd: Simon FiF NM
1st: Fraser FiF Clh

Division C:
5th: Maciej FiF CvCC
4th: Hector FiF Clh
3rd: Ben FiF Clh
2nd: Abelard FiF CvCC
1st: Samuel FiF CvCC

Division B:
4th Equal: Ismail FiF CvCC, Thomas FF & FiF NM
3rd: Lachlan FiF CvCC
2nd: Rosie FiF Clh
1st: Finn FiF Clh

Division A:
5th: Jemma FiF RCC
4th: Ben J FiF RCC
3rd: Caelan FiF NM
2nd: Jane FiF Clh
1st: Rachel FiF Clh & NM

The inaugural PaFF Medal for Sportsmanship :
Fraser - FiF Clh

The Bracewell Trophy for Form
3rd : Mikey FiF CvCC
2nd : Caelan FiF NMC
Winner : Fergal FiF Clh

Thank you to all who helped with transport and organisation, and
laying out the pistes.

Many thanks to Elena for running Check-in and the Tuck Shop.

Many thanks to our referees: Carolyn, James, Romain, Claire, Dalila and Gordon.

Many thanks to Romain and Claire for training as referees, specially
to help out today!

The PaFF FunLeague is an all-volunteer, non-profit making organisation.

Pool sheets will be published soon.

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