Friday, 26 April 2013

PaFF 9 to be held on May 12th.

Entries are now being taken for PaFF 9, the latest competition day in the PaFF funLeague series.

It's on at Napier University, Sighthill, (postcode: EH11 4BN), three minutes drive from the end of the M8 motorway.

Check-in is 11am-11:15am, and fencing is scheduled to end at 4pm.  (We're very proud of the fact that fencing has never run more than 12 minutes late).

We have an optional awards ceremony, starting around 4:15pm.

The children are streamed into groups of 6 closely-matched fencers for the final round, and each 'League Division' fences for its own trophy and medals.

The panel of referees award the Bracewell Trophy for Form & Technique - our largest trophy - along with silver and bronze medals for technique, and a gold medal for sportsmanship.

The top-placed boy and girl from each year of Primary school each get a gold medal.

This time, we will aggregate al points from pupils of a each school, and the school with the most points will get a trophy.

Enter on-line at:

New PaFF Venue

The 9th and latest PaFF funLeague competition day will be held at Napier University, Sighthill Court, EH11 4BN.

As usual, it's just three minutes from the end of the M8 motorway.