Tuesday, 26 February 2013

PaFF 8 Results

The Bracewell Trophy for Form & Technique:
Winner: Katie, FiF North Merchiston
Silver Medal: Thomas, Dunblane FC
Bronze: Samirah, FiF Carrickvale

Gold Medal for Sportsmanship: Euan, Dunblane FC

Age Group Champions:
P2: Samirah, FiF Carrickvale and Archie, FiF Bruntsfield
P3: Samuel, FiF Carrickvale
P4: Rosie and Ben S, both FiF Craiglockhart
P5: Indio and Caelan, both FiF North Merchiston
P6: Eva, FiF North Merchiston, and Jordan, FiF Bruntsfield
P7: Emma, FiF Carrickvale and Josh McA, Dunblane FC

The funLeague Divisions:

funLeague Division G

Winner: Simon, FiF North Merchiston
Silver: Murdo, FiF Bruntsfield
Bronze: Himesh, FiF Craiglockhart

funLeague Division F

Winner: Carlo, FiF North Merchiston
Silver: Donald, FiF Bruntsfield
Bronze: Elliot, FiF Craiglockhart

funLeague Division E

Winner: Hannah, FiF North Merchiston
Silver: Eva, FiF North Merchiston
Bronze: Hector, FiF Craiglockhart

funLeague Division D

Winner: Euan, Dunblane FC
Silver: Xander, FiF Bruntsfield
Bronze: Emily, Dunblane FC

funLeague Division C

Winner: Ben H, FiF Bruntsfield
Silver: Thomas, Dunblane FC
Bronze: Guy, FiF North Merchiston

funLeague Division B

This division was incredibly closely-fought - only four hits separated the first two places, and the next four fencers were all tied on 2 victories, with only four hits separating the top from the bottom.

Winner: Angus, FiF Craiglockhart
Silver: Samuel, FiF Carrickvale
Bronze: Emma, FiF Carrickvale

funLeague Division A

Winner: Caelan, FiF North Merchiston
Silver: Josh McA, Dunblane FC
Bronze: Indio, FiF North Merchiston

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