Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Results of the 20th PaFF fun league day

The 20th PaFF ­fun league day was held on the 13th of May 2017 in Edinburgh. Twenty-one fencers from six primary schools in Edinburgh and Strathaven fought in four divisions for trophies and medals as well as for their schools and clubs rankings. 
Experienced fencers and newcomers alike showed great fencing skills and sportsmanship in over 130 fights with plastic foils. 
Lily G. was awarded the Bracewell Trophy for Form and Technique, followed by Sam M. with a silver medal and Oran McG. and Katharine D. with bronze. Katherine also won a gold medal for sportsmanship, while Oran was the best newcomer.

Further gold medals were awarded for the Best Girl and Best Boy per school year to Anna McG. (P3), Merryn U. K. (P4), Emily McG. (P5), Lili G. (P6) and Philip D. (P2), Harold P. (P3), Robert L. (P4), Stephen H. (P5), Findlay C. (P6). 

Findlay, who trains at FiF Bruntsfield and FiF North Merchiston, was not just the best P6 fencing boy, he also placed first in division A. He won this trophy for the third time in a row and was therefore PaFF 2016/2017 Season Champion. Second came Lily G. (FF Craiglockhart), third Archie Pauwels (FiF Bruntsfield), followed by Stephen H. (Bruntsfield), Merryn U. K. (FF Towerbank), and Katharine D. (FiF Bruntsfield and North Merchiston). 

Division B: Harold P. won the trophy after the first ever fight-off in the PaFF series. He and Robert L. finished their fights in the third round with the same numbers for won fights, placed and received hits. So a final was called, which Harold won 8:6 after a nail-biting fight for fencers and spectators. Bronze went to Joseph S., with Isaac P. and Philip D. becoming fourth and fifth. All fencers placed in Division B were from FiF Bruntsfield.

Division C was won by Robert H. (FiF Bruntsfield). Second came Sam M. (DCS Strathaven), third was Emily McG. (FiF North Merchiston), followed by Oran McG. and Lachlan C., both FiF Bruntsfield.

Anna McG. (FiF North Merchiston) won the trophy in Division D, followed by Matthew H. (FiF Bruntsfield) and Rory J. (FF Towerbank) with silver and bronze, respectively. Coral C. (FiF St. Peter's) came fourth and Ewan H. (FiF Bruntsfield) fifth. 

The 20th PaFF fun league day was the third PaFF competition for this school year. Throughout the season, Bruntsfield School and the Fencing is Fun Bruntsfield club have shown consistent success and became Best School and Best Club every time. They were delighted to receive the 2016/17 Season Champion trophy, which they now take home for the third time.


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