Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Call for PaFF Competition Organiser

Our young fencers love their PaFFs: It is a full day of fencing amongst friends and friends-to-make. They like the challenge to fight fencers they have never fought before, as well as competing against their club mates in an official, refereed fight. They live the team spirit in the hall, they cheer their friends and motivate each other after a lost fight. And sure enough they love to bring home a medal or trophy!

Please help keeping the PaFF competitions running!

We are looking for someone to organise next school year’s PaFF competitions. Ideally you join us in running the upcoming PaFF 22 competition on the 12th of May, then take over organising PaFF 23 in November 2018.

Organising a PaFF is not rocket science: There are a couple of hours of admin duty with some emails to be send, a trip to the Awards Shop to buy new medals & trophies, and a shop for tuck drinks & sweets.
We provide an electronic as well as paper-based folder with to-do-lists, draft emails, Excel sheets, PDFs etc. Everything is ready to take over! Please contact Anja,, if you have any questions or would like to help - even for just one competition.

Our young fences would be very grateful!

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